Press Release

Press Conference

ACT, the leading provider of information and communication technology, announced the company's business volume during the first half of 2020, during a press conference held on the occasion of the soft opening of the company's headquarters at Smart Village. ACT also highlighted the key partnerships it formed with major global ICT companies, backed by its vast experience that extends over more than 32 years in local and global markets, during which the company has provided integrated services and solutions for many sectors and across all fields.

Ali Tawfik, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at ACT, said: “Through the integrated solutions and services we provide through various partnerships with international companies in many sectors, we continue to pursue more presence and to expand our foothold in the Egyptian market and globally. The company provides these solutions through two main segments: The first is hospitality, which is responsible for providing integrated solutions for hotels, resorts, restaurants and shopping malls. We have about 1000 clients in this segment in Egypt.”

“The second segment includes solutions and services provided to the private and public sectors. We have participated in projects in the government, education, oil and gas, banking, financial services, telecommunications and real estate sectors, which reflects the company's keenness and ability to participate and provide added value to work across all sectors. ACT has also been able, through its highly-qualified team and various solutions that are aimed to meet the needs of all customers, to deliver more than 3000 projects outside Egypt through our offices in different countries such as the UAE, France and Australia. Furthermore, there are several promising new markets that we seek to foray into in the future, such as Morocco and Saudi Arabia," he said.

“Our intention to move to a new headquarters started more than ten years ago, as we had a great desire to bring together all of the company’s employees in one place, as they were previously distributed amongst five separate buildings,” Tawfik added.

The main goal was to increase the ability to communicate and interact among the company’s employees and thus increase productivity as well as achieve sustainability, in a climate conducive to technology companies. The Smart Village was chosen because it is the location and the main center for all ICT companies in Egypt. We were one of the first companies specialized in system integration to have a presence within the Smart Village. The total investments for the company's new building amounted to nearly EGP 130 million, including infrastructure, constructions, and office, technical and technological equipment. The building has a total area of about 5,511 square meters.

"Through its end-to-end IT services and solutions, ACT carries out all aspects of the projects awarded to it, including the installation of cables with all its civil works, such as digging and filling, then the stage of installing network components that serve this infrastructure, whether wired or wireless, with securing the network externally and internally. It then prepares the data center and equips it with all the available capabilities of storage units, while working to provide comprehensive security for data centers, whether through surveillance cameras or internal sensors. Then comes the last stage, which consists of a set of applications that enable the end user or customer to carry out their works easily and effectively," he explained.

Since its inception in the Egyptian market in 1988, ACT has been cooperating and working with the world's biggest IT companies and has gained the trust and support of its international and local partners and clients, thanks to its vast experience and outstanding record of work in the various fields of information and communication technology.

Among the companies with which ACT has long-term and extended partnerships are Cisco, HP Inc., HP Enterprise, Oracle, and Dell Aruba. ACT has also received HP's award for corporate performance last year, which reflects the size of their business and the strategic relationship between the two companies. They have successfully boosted the volume of their business to more than EGP 500 million in the first half of 2020, despite the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying economic turmoil in Egypt and globally.