We feel, behave and ACT as one large family. We strive to create an engaging and inclusive workplace that favors employee well-being and trust as drivers for team work. Our employees are trained to adopt three main core competencies: customer centricity, teamwork and achievement. These competencies are the essence of our values: Agility...Commitment...Trust.


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Our People are our main asset, and to keep, retain and develop this asset we run diversified programs across different areas to maintain high and effective performance.


Technical Trainings

Include technical development, certifications and enhancement of ACTawys’ technical capabilities to meet our partnership requirements and criteria.

Functional Trainings

Include training programs that achieve the main requirements per division and cover the needed functional competencies for each role.

Sales Academy

Our commercial team is our backbone. These ACTawys need to be up-to-date with any novel tools in the area of selling techniques, negotiation skills and innovative trends in business selling. Accordingly, ACT has designed a new program for its team.

Not only does this program provide sales staff with a strong knowledge base, but also equips them with practical tricks to meet company targets and maintain high productivity.

Managers Program

This program is designed for our first-time managers and includes: workshops, sessions, forums, and other blended learning activities to ensure their professional development. The program objectives are

to enable experienced managers to build a second line of qualified managers. Also, to educate managers how to delegate their work and coach their teams. Finally, to engage and retain talent from the middle management level and upwards.

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ACT Summer Internship

One of the company’s main initiatives is to ensure that we give back to the community. ACT summer internship hosts around 20 students annually in different divisions covering both technical and non technical internships. Students are selected based on a thorough skill assessment to determine which area they will be assigned to and the type of internship they qualify for – technical or non-technical. Technical internships are in collaboration with ITIDA, where students are assigned to Technical Operations, Hospitality Operations or the Commercial Team. Non-technical internships are assigned to supporting functions, which include Marketing, HR or the Corporate Affairs department.


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ACT Graduates Academy

One of the company’s successful programs is ACT Grads, initiated in 2018. The program grants the opportunity to 15 talented fresh-grads to join our family. Every year, ACT recruits a new batch of candidates who go through a rigorous assessment process to select who will be enrolled in this program. Some of the course obligations include job rotations, business assignments and other development activities. The program commences in September for a duration of four months. At the end of the course, an evaluation is performed to ensure that candidates are assigned to their matching roles and positions.

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ACT aims to be one of the preferred employers in the IT industry. We aim to develop our own base of talented ACTawys through attracting and retaining top talents in the market. We continuously ensure the professional development of ACTawys through training opportunities, job rotation and succession planning efforts that align with the company’s strategy.



People Of ACT

Assem Wahby

Management Consultant

I appreciate being part of ACT for more than 15 years now. It’s a company that actually works towards its vision… “Local Company with International standards”.

Menna Magdy

License Renewal Coordinator

ACT has created a work environment that emphasizes Team Work. It is a place where hard work and dedication is rewarded with more opportunity.

Yasser Adel

Hospitality Management Applications - Senior Manager

I am proud to be a part of ACT family for more than 20 years. Here, at ACT, we genuinely care about each other, and work together as a team.

Mahmoud Abdel Latif

Global Account Manager

At ACT, each day we face new challenges. We all share a high level of commitment and pride in what we do.

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