Press Release

Innovating Students Success

ACT has organized an extensive event under the slogan "Innovating Student Success" to explore the opportunities and challenges for the growth in the education sector based on modern technological solutions.

During the event, ACT discussed with its strategic partners the mechanisms of developing the educational process in Egypt, in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr, the former Minister of Education and Dr. Ayman Bahaa El-Din, Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education for digital transformation, in addition to a group of Egyptian university presidents and companies working in the process of developing the educational system in all its technical aspects. Event speakers from AWS, Infocus, Aruba Networks, ElSewedy Education, Hikvision, VMware, Sandvine, iken companies spoke at the event about the impact of modern infrastructure systems and management for the educational process, the impact of artificial intelligence, digital platforms and advanced insurance solutions as an essential part of digital transformation processes due to the growing importance of the role of technology and smart programs that are secured as basic pillars of the modern education system in Egypt. ACT pays great attention to developing the mechanisms of the educational process and providing integrated solutions that contribute to increasing reliance on modern technical solutions within educational bodies, institutions and universities, which is reflected in the development of the education system, which is in line with the trends adopted by the state towards digital transformation. Over the past years, ACT has consolidated its commercial partnerships, and continued to intensify its efforts, despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, in continuing to develop the educational system, enhancing its presence in the Egyptian market and ensuring the continuity of the mutual partnership for the benefit of all parties, especially in light of the current exceptional circumstances.