How We Integrate

ACT is amongst the first true believers of information technology in Egypt. This remains to be our manifesto for progression and the essence of our strategy. We exist to unleash possibilities to our customers through technology solutions and services.

The digital transformation in business, trade and industry offers immense opportunity, but also new challenges for IT infrastructure. This created calls for increasingly fast, flexible, efficient and secure IT solutions to deal with complex tasks and huge volumes of data. You can totally rely on our portfolio of solutions for meeting these complex and holistic requirements. Our solutions and services portfolio promises best-in-class technology vendors' products and maximum modularity, efficiency and scalability.


Our Solutions

To help meet the demands of an increasingly diversified IT environment, we offer powerful solutions that can adapt to meet your exact requirements. Using only the best, we can provide you with highly customizable solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Business Applications

Business Applications

To advance, you need to put innovation at the heart of your applications, but finding a practical path to doing so is not an easy task.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Digital Transformation Solutions

We support you to unlock the power of data with Cloud, Edge, AI and IoT to improve software and systems engineering, and advance your digital transformation.

Information Technology Systems

Information Technology Systems

We offer complex network, software, hardware resources and services required for the existence, operation and management of any enterprise’s IT environment.

Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions

We deliver a wide range of efficient and reliable data center infrastructure solutions that can be combined, from site and IT infrastructure to private cloud data centers and service models.

Extra Low Voltage Systems

Extra Low Voltage Systems

We deliver integrated and seamlessly inter-operable ELV systems, sharing the same structured cabling infrastructure based on open standards and customizable to every business’ needs.

Structured Cabling Systems

Structured Cabling Systems

We deliver cabling and connectivity products that integrate voice, data, video, and various management systems over one converged IP Local Area Network designed, installed, and tested as per TIA/EIA standards.

value-added services

We provide a wide range of service offerings designed to meet your specific needs. We know uptime is crucial to your business. Our professional and experienced support team is committed to delivering technical and operational support to our customers when analyzing needs, selecting and implementing solutions, and optimizing processes.

Our industry-leading customer service team is available round the clock to rapidly diagnose and resolve technical problems, as well as proactively plan for future support, with the goal of reducing your long-term maintenance costs.


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