Press Release

ACT Cares

Within the framework of strategic partnership between ACT and Cisco ACT offers advanced solutions and services to enable businesses to operate effectively in a post COVID-19 world via the launch of ‘ACT Cares’ Platform.

Ali Tawfik: Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, we have been eager to continuously help communities and customers by delivering a stack of solutions and services through leveraging our strategic alliances with top technology companies like Cisco.

ACT (Advanced Computer Technology), the leading provider of information technology solutions and services, announced its plan to offer customers a variety of the latest technology solutions and services provided by Cisco. This was achieved within the framework of cooperation and partnership between the two companies, through which clients are enabled to address the repercussions of COVID-19 crisis. The announcement came during two webinars organized by ACT, through its ACTech events platform.

The webinars were organized as part of a series of digital events held by ACT, in response to the current developments of the coronavirus outbreak. The webinars have been designed to ensure continuous communication and engagement with clients, while offering them top notch solutions that aim at keeping them abreast of the current developments. They were held with the participation of several companies operating in various sectors such as oil and gas and hospitality, in addition to the presence of a number of state agencies.

Ali Tawfik, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at ACT, stated: "Since the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have been eager to continuously help communities and customers by delivering a stack of solutions and services. We have been able to achieve that through leveraging our strategic alliances with top technology partners like Cisco.”

During the first webinar, Cisco showcased its leading enterprise solution for video conferencing, online meetings, screen share, and webinars; Cisco Webex that maximizes the productivity and effectiveness of online meetings. The second webinar focused on Cisco Meraki, the cloud-managed IT solution that expands the digital workplace to improve employee experience anywhere through enhanced security and superior performance in high-density network environments.

Tawfik added: "Through ACT Cares, we have been able to provide a fast and effective platform for ACT to respond to COVID-19 in such unprecedented times. We enable clients to remotely control different work environments and quickly implement remote work policies whenever possible. Moreover, we also ensure the security of clients’ networks, data and devices in a highly secure and regulated environment.”

ACT Cares is a platform through which clients can expect and benefit from three fundamental points: highly qualified ACT professionals who can provide comprehensive services and support to ensure business continuity, payment flexibility through ACT's financial resilience to maintain client cash flows through CAPEX or OPEX staged investments, and finally the right solutions and services that have been prioritized to assist clients and cater to their most pressing needs and challenges.

Eng. Mohamed Kamel, Head of Private and Commercial Sectors and Channels at Cisco, said: “We are proud of our partnership with ACT, one of our key partners in Egypt and with which our partnership has extended for more than 15 years in the Egyptian market.”

Kamel added: "Cisco has been keen, since the coronavirus pandemic started, to work towards providing all technological solutions to help communities and clients work effectively and safely in virtual environments in fields such as healthcare, core businesses and online education, by means of offering simple and safe platforms.”

He also stressed that work is ongoing between the two companies in developing joint plans across all sectors for the upgrade of the digital infrastructure and assisting companies to set comprehensive strategies and plans for digital transformation.