Terminal 3

ACT is proud to be the only local Egyptian Company selected to implement the new Cairo International Airport Terminal Building 3 Infrastructure Solution (TB3). This demonstrated the experience and reputation ACT has built in integrating ICT technologies to create innovative business Solutions

ACT designed and implemented Egypt’s first airport Fully Redundant solution based on Cisco IP Technology. The solution included a Local Area Network (LAN) backbone of over 7300 nodes and Wireless LAN coverage for indoor and outdoor areas. The backbone was connected to the WAN (Wide Area Connection) to communicate with the outside world. The whole network was managed by Cisco network management system and HP OpenView network management system to monitor and manage all active computer devices, UPS systems, Elevator systems and all logical and physical security systems. ACT Telephony solution included Voice over IP (VOIP) solutions, wireless IP telephony covering the whole airport area as well as a backup traditional wired telephony. ACT also installed IP Billing, Scratch Card automated system totally integrated with IP telephony and public phones throughout the airport. All H/W infrastructures were based on Cisco state-of-the-art hardware as well as HP server and storage technologies.

As part of the solution, ACT implemented a full Video Streaming system, including video, signage information, advertisements, pictures & animations, based on VBrick technology that captured live real-time videos, stores it and then manages the delivery of the video over 400 screens through the local area network and the Internet. The Video Streaming Solution was able to display and manage external video input from different sources including TV antennas, DVDs, VCRs, Video Cams, as well as visualized PC-signals over TB3 Flight Information Display System (FIDS) VLAN to be distributed and displayed on all TB3 FIDS display devices. In addition, ACT Video Streaming solution was interfaced with the FIDS Database to display a 24 x 7 operation live schedule of Arrival and Departure flights and with the Package Handling system.

The power of integrating different technologies in one business solution is a key factor of any business success. As result, ACT succeeded in extending its contract back then to include connecting Terminal I and Terminal II through Fiber Cabling Connection to be one of the biggest Campus IP Solutions in the Middle East.

Terminal III, I and II integrated solutions also have Huge Data Centers based on Cisco Technology and HP Storage Servers to support all inbound and outbound service calls.

It is worth mentioning that Closed Circuit TV Systems are also connected to ACT’s delivered IP System, covering Terminal III internal and external areas.