Ministry of Defense

The government district is one of the newly established districts of the modern administrative capital that is built on an area of about 500 acres as a Phase one. The government district includes all the buildings of the ministries and government agencies as well as the building of the Council of Ministers and The Parliament.

The Project will be carried out in phases; Scope of phase one consists of the building of the Council of Ministers, the Parliament and ten Clusters, each Cluster consists of 4 to 5 buildings, each ministry is assigned a single building in a cluster in most cases, in some cases a ministry may be assigned two buildings. The scope of the second part is to supply, install, configure and commission the Active components of the network inside Phase One clusters which include - Active switches. - Core switches. - Security Device (Firewall). - Wi-Fi Solution (Controllers – Access Points). - Network Admission control. - Service Management solution (DHCP – DNS –IP management).