Could you please give us a short introduction about yourself and your role in the university? 

I am Dr. Gihan Nabil, associate professor of hotel management at the faculty of Tourism and Hotels, USC.

Could you please talk about the long-term relationship between ACT and your esteemed university? 

Actually, ACT is a pioneer company in the field of Software technology in the hospitality industry in Egypt. Our Faculty – ACT relationship has started in 2007 via a funded project from HEEPF to virtualize the hospitality operations through OPERA. This relationship has continued to date through technical assistance and installing a new version for the FO operating system in the training lab at the Faculty. Thus, this long-term relationship is based on enhancing the educational environment to students and faculty members.


How ACT has developed the university’s practical training methods throughout the years?


We consider ACT as a true partner in our teaching process. By installing the Opera software in 2007 and the new version of FIDELIO, the curricula were enhanced through achieving its main goal which is linking theoretical knowledge with practice. This, in turn, enhanced lots of courses such as front office, housekeeping, accounting, information systems, and food and beverages management. Now, students are capable to work in the market after graduation due to the practical skills that have been acquired through this software.

Tell us more about the university subjects that teach students how to use OPERA and the benefits of the practical training on the students and tourism education in general? 

As I mentioned before, ACT helped us in different courses and subjects such as the guest cycle. This software enhanced the practical skills of the students which, in turn, added value to them over those who lack these skills in the market. Consequently, practicing during the learning process and working soon after graduation will enhance and accelerate the quality of service to guests. Aggregating all these benefits will affect positively tourism education in general.

Do you run the final exams on OPERA or it is been used only for training purposes? 

So for, we use OPERA for training purposes and mid-term exams but it can’t be used for final exams due to the regulations of higher education.


What are your tech hopes and aspirations for the future of the university and how ACT can help?


My future aspiration is to co-operate with ACT through a joint educational program called “Hospitality Techs”, double certificates. The University will provide students with theoretical knowledge while ACT will provide them with practical training in the hospitality field I mean (users, installing, maintenance …etc).