Mohamed Abou El-Leil

Having graduated from Cairo University’s Faculty of Engineering in 1994, Mohamed Abou El-Leil was already a trainee at ACT. He then started on a fulltime basis as a Junior Service Engineer in the Customer Support Department. Within 3 years only, he was able to gain lots of technical experience that enabled his promotion to a Senior Service Engineer. By 1999, Abou El-Leil was promoted to a more commercial role as a Product Manager, where he was responsible for all marketing activities determining the business development strategy. Nevertheless, he had a secondary role as a System Engineer for all sales departments’ activities.

He later played a very important role in convincing the management to activate the Marketing Department and introducing significant functions such as Public Relations and Social Responsibilities. By the age of 34, Abou El-Leil became the Senior Marketing Manager at ACT.

During his experience, he became a member in the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce, in addition to the American Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, he headed the System Integration Committee at EITESAL for a while, adding that he is a former member of the Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications (CIT).

Lastly, Abou El Leil is currently acting as the company’s General Manager titled Chief Commercial Officer responsible to set strategies, establish business objectives and manage all corporate functions that support the commercial and revenue generating divisions in the organization.