PMS Specialist
Quality Assurance Specialist
Sales Control Specialist
Senior Presales Network & Security Engineer
Passive Network Specialist
Passive Network Senior Specialist
Active Network Presales Specialist
Active Network Supervisor
ACT Graduates Academy

One of our successful programs, we have started ACT-Grads in 2018 which granted the opportunity to 15 talented fresh-grads to join our family. Each and every year we have new batch of candidates who go through full assessment day to select who will be enrolled in this program that includes job rotations, business assignments and other development activities.

It starts by September and its duration is 4 months, and by end of this period an evaluation should be done to candidates to be assigned to their matching opportunity.

ACT Summer Internship

One of our main initiatives we do for students, ACT summer internship hosts around 20 students in different divisions annually for 2 months, and this cover both technical and non technical internships.

Students are enrolled through assessment to measure their skills and selection for which area will be assigned to.

For the technical, the internship is in collaboration with ITIDA where the students join the Technical Operations, Hospitality Operations & Commercial Team.

For the non-technical, the interns join the supporting functions like the Marketing, HR & the Corporate Affairs departments.